Course Price
Beginner Training Course – Description

Includes registration, lectures and all lessons.

Minimum 10, usually 20 flights to complete the course Tandem For the physically challenged or those who prefer dual instruction. $140 per flight
For the physically challenged Training Course. $1450
Low and Slow Introductory Session – Description

Includes winch towing, training and use of school equipment.

Tandem Beginner Course Registration

Includes notebooks and lectures on DVD.



Pickering Price
Eagle Package

Includes tow manual, log book, step towing and is completed at 10 hours of airtime.

Novice/Tow course

Includes tow manual and is completed at 2 hours of airtime. Doesn’t include step towing. 1 year time limit.



Courses Price
Winch Operator Course $75 per day
Registration $125

Instructor Apprentice Time (stationary winch systems only)

This course prepares you for the instructor course and gives you the neccessary apprentice time required for your instructor rating. We will train you the best of our ability, however we cannot guarantee that you will achieve your rating.

Courses Price
Apprentice Instructor time $50 per session
Apprentice Instructor training registration

Includes manual and classroom lessons


Instructor course

Intructor courses are generally run once a year in the spring. Attendance of the course does not guarantee a successful certification or recertification.

Courses Price
Instructor Certification Course


$695 Cdn (4 days)
HPAC Instructor Recertification $600

*All pricing does not include applicable sales taxes.