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Yesterday you gave my brother and I an amazing adventure hang-gliding. We would both like to thank-you and your staff for an amazing trip. I can’t stop thinking about it! I’m trying to convince everyone I know to try it, but more importantly I can’t wait to come out again and maybe learn for myself. Once again, thanks for the experience.
Everyone that I met at High Perspective has helped me to have a new outlook on life. I had one of the best times of my life and enjoyed every minute of it. I can’t wait to learn more and to progress in the sport of hang gliding. Thank you for everything. You guys are the best!
I must truly thank you for introducing my friend Allison and I to hang gliding! We had a fabulous time! As promised, I am emailing you to share my wonderful experience with you.

Thank you for all the trouble that you went for me again, and we will be sure to call you again for another one of those exciting day trips or romantic weekend trips in the future.

Thank you very much for two amazing flights… Yaaaaaaahhhhhhhoooooooo!!!
The first flight in Aug was inspiring, serene and for me, an awakening of the soul. Although the natural high lasted for several days, I could not wait to do it again.

Yesterday’s flight was just as amazing and to my surprise, a totally different experience in itself. We gained height, speed and the ground below was naturally decorated with fall colours. It was breathtaking and exhilarating… I’m still smiling thinking about it.

When in flight, I realized the things I worry about are so trivial and it certainly helped me gain perspective. I also appreciated your experience, skill, sense of humour, and your joy for the sport which played a great role in this amazing experience. The greatest accomplishment was to convince four other people to try it. All of whom initially thought I was becoming a crazy daredevil chick. Now, they are grateful to me for bringing them, and to you for a great flight.

I will definitely be back.

I just wanted to write you a quick note to say thank you and tell you (again) what a fantastic time I had yesterday. I am so glad that I decided to give hang gliding a try, and I can’t wait to do it again! Although I wasn’t as nervous as I expected to be, you really made me feel confident in your ability and at ease with everything that was happening… and what a great experience to fly with someone who, even though you must have flown thousands of times, was still as excited as I was!

As incredible as it must be to fly solo, I’m glad I had someone to share my “first time” with.

I’m definitely interested in the Beginner’s Course… I’ll be in touch!

Thank you once again for the wonderful hang gliding flight back in the fall. You were the best instructor I could have hoped for. The flight is something I’ll tell my grandchildren about one day.
Just wanted to pass on a sincere thank you to you, James and Scott for the amazing experience on Saturday. I will be reliving those first flights many times until my next lesson.

What a thrill! Thank you so much.

I once made a promise to my husband that I would try hang gliding. He has been interested in hang gliding for some time and recently started taking the introductory lessons. He fell in love with the sport right from the beginning, and started to persuade me to try it, hence my promise. Since I uttered those words I had been dreading the day when I had to follow through with my promise. I am not afraid of heights, but I am certainly not overly fond of them either. I can handle flying on a plane, but I have a little difficulty with the take-offs and landings.

The day arrived that I was to try a tandem flight. Luckily I had a fairly hectic day, so I wasn’t totally consumed by nerves the whole day. When we arrived at High Perspective there was a person who had just taken a tandem flight already. They looked to me and said that they were REALLY HIGH up there. I took a few big breaths, went to the loo and crossed the field to the starting point. At which time I had to sign a nice little waiver (a couple more deep breaths) and get geared up. I guess by the look of me Peter gathered I was very nervous. He sat me down and explained what was going to happen and reassured me that if at any point I was too nervous and couldn’t continue we could land.

So now I’m all strapped in we are ready for take off, and the cable starts to pull us. The wind grabs us, my stomach lurches and I close my eyes. What am I doing I think? I open my eyes to an amazing view. We have started to soar upwards. My nerves begin to calm down and I begin to enjoy myself. At one point I ask Peter how high up we are. The answer, although I wasn’t sure whether I was ready for it, was 1000 ft. Wow! Even more amazing was that we were getting even higher, but I couldn’t tell. The highest we got to before coming back down was 1600 ft. That is higher than the glass floor of the C.N. Tower!

At one point Peter allowed me to help fly the glider and I was amazed at how easy it was. The other part I was amazed at was how comfortable I felt. At one point I felt like a butterfly just floating in the breeze. Another time I felt as though I was a hawk soaring above the fields. I had this overwhelming feeling of peace and calmness. I can’t lie and say that I lost all fear when I was up in the air, but I did lose more than I ever imagined was possible.

When we started our descent I was actually saddened that I couldn’t stay up in the air longer. I thought that I would be rather nervous of the landing, because of how I feel in an airplane. I wasn’t nervous at all. Although we were probably gliding fairly quickly it didn’t feel like it. There wasn’t even a time when I felt we were going to crash into the ground. It was the smoothest landing I have ever experienced.

I’m looking forward to going back and taking another tandem flight. Who knows they might even get another student signed up for their course. Never would I have thought of myself taking hang gliding lessons. There is a quote that states, ‘you should do one thing every day that scares you’, well I followed that advice that day, and was taken aback by how little I was actually scared. To anyone who is even remotely thinking about trying it should stop thinking and just do it. You’ll be amazed at how wonderful it is.

Hi Michael,

Thanks for forwarding this video.

Its cool seeing myself from another perspective. It looks very different from
the ground than what we see when we are flying.

Its nice to be flying again after the winter down time. I have trouble
finding the words to describe why I enjoy this so much, but I have to say this
is one of the most exiting things I’ve done in my life.

Talk to you later

… words cannot express…
It has been a long time since I have flown solo… kids, money, career, life in general seems to get in the way of “me”. But not the past couple of weeks. I have taken some time for “me” and loved every second of it.

The moments before I took, my reintroduction to this fantastic sport.. After the hang check, getting comfortable holding the glider, “tension please” and moments before those final words.. “Clear and Launch.. Clear and Launch” I have to admit to feeling a bit nervous, it had been years but it all came rushing back in a flash. I as you say “unlearned that I couldn’t fly” and am now loving the fact that I could the whole time.

Thanks Michael… I needed that.

Back in the saddle!