If it’s to try it once, then a tandem is the way to go. It takes about 30 minutes all together; to sign the waiver, get into the harness and helmet, be briefed, fly and get out of the harness.

If you were trying a flight to see if you might want to learn how; a better alternative is a ‘Low and Slow’ session. The price is the same as a tandem but it takes 2-4 hours and is done solo on a large glider close to the ground. You sort of duplicate the Wright Bros. flights in length. These lessons need to be booked early and late in the day as they have a narrower weather window, that is, the winds need to be light.

By choosing a Low & Slow, if you were to continue, your entire fee of $185 would be deducted from the course cost since that session is the start of a course. If you decided to do a tandem after doing a Low & Slow, the tandem would be half price and you would be able to fly the almost the entire flight (with the instructor ready to assist if necessary).

We offer this because the industry has realized that while everyone loves their tandem flight, it is a rather huge first step. Sort of analogous to trying white water kayaking as a first step to see if you wanted to learn how to paddle a canoe. Sometimes people wonder if flying might be beyond there abilities, while in fact it’s about as easy as riding a bicycle.

Our gift certificates are good for either a tandem or a low and slow. The recipient can choose which they would prefer to do.