Prices and FAQs

/Prices and FAQs

Weekend/Holiday Price: $185.00  for the first person.

$170.00 for the second person.

$160.00 for third person and 160 each for 4 to 9 people.

Ten or more people $150.00 each (+ HST to all flight prices).

Deluxe: twice the height and time add $80 + HST
Wing mounted Photos are available, add $45.00* + HST for one person; $25 for more than one (* price also includes SD card – $10 value)

Weekday Price: $170.00 for the first person.

$160.00 for the second person.

$150.00 for the third person and 150 each for 4 to 9 people.

Ten or more people 140 each + HST

Deluxe twice the height and time add $80 + HST

Photos (as above) are available, please add $45.00* plus HST, for 2 or more $25 each – (* price also includes SD card worth $10)

Boat Towed Tandems are 250 for one or two persons, 225 for three to five and 200 for 6 or more

If it’s to try it once, then a Tandem Discovery Flight is the way to go. It takes about 30 minutes all together.

If you were trying a flight to see if you might want to learn how; a better alternative is a ‘Low and Slow’ session. The price is the same as a tandem but it takes 2-3 hours and is done solo on a large glider close to the ground. You sort of duplicate the Wright Bros. flights in length. These lessons need to be booked early and late in the day as they have a narrower weather window; that is, the winds need to be light.

By choosing a Low & Slow, if you were to continue, your entire fee of about $150 would be deducted from the course cost since that session is the start of a course. If you decided to do a tandem after doing a Low & Slow, the tandem would be half price and you would be able to fly the almost the entire flight (with the instructor ready to assist if necessary).

We are offering this because the industry has realized that while everyone loves their tandem flight, it is a rather huge first step. Sort of analogous to trying white water kayaking as a first step to see if you wanted to learn how to paddle a canoe. Sometimes people wonder if flying might be beyond there abilities, while in fact it’s about as easy as riding a bicycle. Maybe easier :) For photos/film clips please click here

Our gift certificates are good for either a tandem or a low and slow. The recipient can choose which they would prefer to do.

A hang glider is a large bird-like kite that is designed to carry passengers. It has a rigid structure and is controlled by weight shift. Hang gliding is not to be confused with a paragliding or skydiving which use toggle-steerable parachute style canopies or parasailing which is generally done behind boats over water. If you’re still not sure then we recommend taking a look at our photo gallery or film clips. You are also welcome to give us a call or send us an Email.

No; nothing, including sitting on a couch, is completely safe. Our tandem pilots and instructors hold the highest ratings available in Canada and the United States. Not only are we masters in our field, we literally wrote the book on Safety and Risk Management.

Hang gliding has inherent risks like any other sport. Although we do our best to minimize these risks, we cannot guarantee safety. In fact you will be asked to sign a standard liability release or waiver before you can fly. On our side; we collect the fees after you fly and we have flown many thousands of flights without injury. You are probably taking more of a chance driving out here than you are hang gliding.

There no age limits. Minors must have their parent or guardian sign the liability waiver. We have flown people ranging in age from under 6 to over 90.

The weight range for tandem flights is 60 to 240 lbs; for solo instruction it’s 90 to 300 lbs.  We’ve had successful students on both ends of the scale.

Yes, Ontario is flat here near Toronto. We use a custom-built hydraulic winch and a long tow line to pull us into the air. It is a super-smooth, reliable system which allows us to launch out of a flat field and thus eliminates the need to run off an intimidating precipice.

The tow system we use allows tandems and experienced pilots to gain thousands of feet before releasing the line. It also permits us to teach solo close to the ground and there are no hills to climb!

Absolutely; they are common, well-received gifts. Our most common gift certificate we call the ‘ultimate gift package’ is for a tandem discovery flight with wing-mounted photos. If the recipient prefers their certificate may be used for a ‘low and slow’ solo session in stead of a tandem.

Many say it’s the best gift they have ever received. We have many options available to make it an occasion that will be remembered forever.

No, it doesn’t matter. Two of the instructors at High Perspective are terrified of heights and one can’t even look over a balcony. They are both perfectly at ease when flying in a hang glider.

A fear of heights is really a fear of falling. When hang gliding your body immediately realizes you can’t fall. You feel very well supported as you float through the air. You feel like you’re in a dream, like you have become a bird. It’s the opposite of a falling feeling. Sometimes it feels like you’re  hardly moving.  Thousands of people, once they get in the air, have been amazed that it’s not scary. “This is surreal,” so many have said.

Our tandem gliders are fitted with wheels for launching and landing. This eliminates the need to run. Solo gliders also have wheels but usually people take off and land on foot. They are ’safety’ wheels which turn a bad landing into no big deal.
You will be surprised at how smooth and controlled it is. Watch the videos.

You don’t … a fear of death is common in our society, even tho’ we know life is fatal. Statistically you are taking more of a chance driving than flying with us.

In the world of adventure sports, hang gliding is actually quite tame. Hang Gliding got a bad reputation in it’s infancy when you could order a hang glider kit in the mail and it would come with two pieces of paper; one would explain how to build it and the other how to fly it. It was no wonder that people were hurting themselves.

The sport is now regulated.  Modern Hang Gliders are incredibly strong, stable, certified aircraft that cannot be purchased without the necessary training required to fly them. Tandem pilots are trained & certified professionals.

You should be concerned for your own safety. You are most welcome to come and see for yourselves how reliable and enjoyable it is. You could also look at a film of a flight on the front page of our web site and/or the ‘testimonials’ section. It has been our full time business for almost fifty years so we must be doing something right :)

If you wish to fly on a weekend we recommend 1-2 weeks notice. During the week often 2-3 days are sufficient. If you have a large group you may be better to plan a month or so in advance for a weekend date.

If you find yourself with some free time on a nice day, there is always a chance we will be able to fit you in, so feel free to call and/or come out. If we don’t call back it may be because we’re flying high.
Please note: If you wish to fly in the next day or two, please call us directly rather than using our online booking facility. This will ensure we get your booking in time and to ensure that space is available. Our internet access here in the country can be spotty.

Yes. The glider goes through a vigorous certification process and is tested to 6 G’s positive and 4 G’s negative. Then every glider is test flown by the manufacturer and trim flown by the dealer. They are stronger, pound-for-pound than aircraft.

Our Instructors and Tandem Instructors are professionals who have demonstrated the highest standard of flying ability and decision-making skills in order to get their internationally recognized Ratings.  They have extensive experience and thousands of incident-free flights.

We recommend regular comfortable clothing. Although you can wear skirts, they aren’t recommended. We’ve even had people fly in full costume.

During the warmer weather, it is quite pleasant and refreshing. A lot of people love flying in bare feet. Other times, overdress a little. It’s a bit chillier at altitude (2 degrees C per thousand feet on average) and you are in the open air.

If you don’t wear prescription glasses then we recommend some kind of eye protection, like glasses or sunglasses (they won’t fall off :)) . Eye-wear helps prevent watery eyes and bugs from spoiling your view. With the wind in your face and the spectacular view you feel great.

The weight range for Tandem Discovery Flights is 60 to 240 pounds. There is no age limit but minors need their parents or guardians to sign the liability waiver. You should be able to understand spoken English or have an interpreter.

If you have limited or no use of your legs, we use a purpose built paraplegic harness. We even flew a wonderful woman with advanced Cerebral Palsy. She flew with her oxygen!

We guarantee a minimum altitude of 1,000 feet above ground. Usually we get closer to 1500 ft. It is possible to take a ‘deluxe’ flight which means we spend longer on tow and climb to at least 2000 ft. The entire lesson lasts about half an hour. The time in the air can be anywhere from 5-20 minutes (usually about 10 minutes) for the regular flight and about twice that for the deluxe ($75 more).

Many of our pilots started out this way. If you thoroughly enjoy your flight and you wish to take lessons then have a chat to your pilot or a staff member before you leave. We can sign you up for a beginner course and arrange to get you started as soon as you like. In fact, if you’re thinking of learning to fly yourself you may wish to ‘try it out’ with a Low and Slow session rather than a tandem. That way the cost is deducted from the course fee.

We do fly paragliders simply because they are compatible with our tow system. However, we only teach paragliding to those who are keen enough to purchase their own equipment. We no not fly paragliding tandems.  This is due to the fact that the weather window for Paragliging is smaller than for Hang Gliding, so there are many fewer days PGs can be flown. There are several other considerations as well. Call if you would like more detail.

Existing Paraglider pilots wishing to fly at our site will need to have the appropriate ratings or they can sign up for instruction to learn how to winch-tow launch. We have two-string releases available to rent.

Most hang glider pilots will tell you that anytime is a good time. However, some times are better than others depending on what you like.

If you are nervous or afraid of heights then we recommend flying in the morning or late afternoon. The air is smoother and more stable.

If you’re on the heavier end of the scale or wish a little more height, the middle of the day normally provides stronger winds, more thermal activity and a slightly bumpier ride.

It is gorgeous flying in the fall with the changing colours of the leaves.